[Getdp] Trouble calling function SurfaceArea[]{}

JORGE MIAJA HERNANDEZ j.miaja at alumnos.upm.es
Tue Jan 15 16:03:12 CET 2019

Dear GetDP users,

I am having some trouble with the defined function SurfaceArea 

code line:
jsz[ Coils ] = -numberCoils * Current / SurfaceArea[];

works just fine,
however, if I try to obtain the area of that same physical surface 
"Coils" by using the expression-cst-list field, an error showing 
"Unknown Constant: SurfaceArea" prompts at the loading of the file.

the line I use here is:
   areaUsed = SurfaceArea[]{Coils};

I wish to printf this value in the terminal window for debug reasons but 
I dont find the way to get that value
Is it not possible to  do this?

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

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