[Getdp] reading/extruding a 2D .pos in a 3D model with GsmhRead

Guillaume Demesy guillaume.demesy at fresnel.fr
Wed Mar 27 12:28:03 CET 2019

Dear GetDP Users and Developers,

I am trying to feed a 3D (XYZ) model with the (extruded) output of a 2D (XY) model via GmshRead.
I mean by extruded:
The geometry of the 3D model is itself extruded from the 2D one.

I tried various combinations such as something like:
F2D[Surf_Inj] =  ComplexVectorField[XYZ[]]{1}; // this looks to work to retrieve the 2D field on Surf_Inj
F3D[]         =  F2D[X[],Y[],0]; // ?

Would you have miraculous idea?
Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Guillaume

PS: so far I have using a combination of "Print Ongrid" in 2D followed "InterpolationBilinear" in 3D but it feels quite unnatural…

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