..advice for obtaining front end

GERD TRAMPLER TRAMPLERG at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 28 22:03:02 CET 1998

	Dear Sir,

	First off I hope you speak English. If not please disregard the following.
My name is Eric Lucas and I am an engineer and researcher in the area of
high frequency computational electromagnetics. I also am partner in a brand
new start-up company, Alpha Omega Electromagnetics LLC. (AOE for short). We
are phased array antenna designers as well as 3D FEM code developers. We
have a pretty-close to state-of the art 3D high frequency EM solver engine.
It is extremely efficient and really quite powerful. The only problem is
that we need some direction for obtaining a 'front-end', ie.
drawing/meshing package. In the past we have used SDRC-IDEAS. We now need
something for the pc. We already have a robust adaptive mesh refinement
procedure, so we really just need a basic CAD/initial mesh generator. Could
you offer any advice or put me in contact with someone who understands
geometry creation/meshing?

	Thanks for your time,
	Eric Lucas

	After sat. my e-mail will be alphaomega at maranatha.net