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Thu Jul 30 10:13:47 CEST 1998

Dear sir,
I'm a student of graduate school in Korea majoring on the 
high-voltage engineering in electrical department. 
I'm now interested on the analysis of electromagntic 
phenomena such as electric field, magnetic field, and 
elctromagnetic force of vacuum circuit breaker using finite 
element method with tetrahedron elements,however I'm very 
poor at dealing with software because I've been researched
mainly by experiments.
Surveying on the web to obtain 3-d automesh program, I 
happily found theGMSH software for Windows and downloaded 
successfully. After installingthis software, I have met 
several problems as follows.
  i) I could not save on line help files such items as      
     Creating a Mesh & Visualiztion. So I don't analyse     
     what the data outputs saved in gref, msh,and unv       
     format mean.
  ii) Because of the reason relating with clause i), I havd 
      tried to download GMSH for Unix system but I failed to 
      download. I think the files seem to be broken or      
  iii) During check the samlpe geo files I can hardly       
     understand the means of some commands such as       
      coherance, complex, transfinite, recombine, physical, 
      , and other uncommented commands in on line help.

Please let me obtain on line documents and files as follows, 
    i) some helpful text files for using GMSH in English    
    ii) GMSH software for AIX-4
    iii) some helpful documents, papers, sample geo files,  
       and so on for me to use GMSH  
    iv) some helpful materials including FEM source program 
        related with electrical research, if possible.
In addition I'd like to obtain your comments on the 
procedures from creation and analyse of the output for 
tetrahedron elements as follows.
    i) creation of 3-d tetrahedron elements
    II) what the output data formatted with gref, msh, and  
       unv means. 

Your helpful actions will be highly appreciated.
Thank you in advance and hoping your response

Beat regards

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