Uwe Pahner Uwe.Pahner at
Fri Aug 21 13:24:14 CEST 1998

Dear Christophe,

I have been able to link GMSH for our 64-bit machines (HP C160) together with 
the Mesa-2.6 libs. Everything seems to work. However, there are two questions I 
would like to ask:

1) Obviously, there is a built-in limit of 65000(?) tets for this freeware 
   version.  This makes it impossible for to use it for my application. What
   would we have to do to remove this limit ?
2) Most of our HP's are 32 bit machines. Does a version for that platform exist? 
   If you do not have any machine of this type available, maybe we could arrange
   an account for you to compile it here?

Please let me know what to do! In any case, thanks for the help so far.

Best regards



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