3d automesh

S.K.Choi skc0386 at hymail.hanyang.ac.kr
Mon Jan 5 07:18:01 CET 1998

Dear sir,
First of all, thank you for your kind information for me on GMSH before.

With the help of your software, I carried out a project using
2-dimensional mesh sucessfully.
After that, I'm now studying 3-dimensional analysis using FEM.
However I had met a critical error during 3-dimensional automeshing with

As I now it is because I had applied wrong characterisic length(LC), I
can hardly know how can I choose corrective LC.
So I'd like to obtain some informations as follow, if possible.
1) What is the characteristic length? And how can I choose corrective
2) The model that I supposed to analyse is so cmplex that  I  had devide

model to several divisions and then tried to combine each division for
full configurance. Pleased attached geo files.
Please check wrong notation in geo files, if possible.
For referance the specifications of  my sistem is as follows.
    Intel Pentium II 333MHz
    Ram : 256M
    Hard Disk Capacity : 8GB
In addition, when I use full on-line manual on GMSH in network?
Your prompt and helpful informations will be highly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

Best regards,


#1. Cbsg2dsc.geo   :    2-dimensional file
#2. Vcb3dsc.geo    :    full 3-d file
#3. Origin.geo      :    a division of Vcb3dsc.geo / I assume this
division has wrong LC.