Jean-Francois Remacle <remacle@scorec.rpi.edu> remacle at scorec.rpi.edu
Wed Feb 28 14:37:24 CET 2001

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Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 14:08:32 +0100
From: J. Booij <J.Booij at wbmt.tudelft.nl>
To: Remacle at scorec.rpi.edu
Subject: gmsh problems

I have installed gmsh on a number of linux computers but have the following message

on most of them when I try to run gmsh:

GenuineIntel cpu detected.

Katmai cpu detected.

Illegal instruction

Is this a known problem, and more interesting, is there a solution?

I will be happy to supply you with more information, please indicate what

you can use.

J.Booij at wbmt.tudelft.nl