GMSH use

alusso at alusso at
Mon Apr 2 00:36:28 CEST 2001

hi, my name is alan lusso, i'm a research engineer for a modelling &
simulation company called VASC in norfolk.  we do research work, mostly for
the US government.

i'd like to clarify if GMSH is suitable for what i need to do  -  which is
generate a terrain surface from sample points

i need to convert a set of points (from a DNC, Digital Nautical Chart)
representing depth soundings in ports/oceans etc  and from these points a
triangular mesh of the "sub-terrain" has to be generated.  if i understand
correctly this will only involve the simple task of connecting the dots in
2D via delaunay triangulation  (discarding the depth data for each value),
then once the triangulation is complete the depth data is put back onto the

ideally i'd prefer to use a dll or other library that i can include in my
source code, otherwise getting hold of the source code would be good.  let
me know if GMSH can do what i need and if not, maybe you could suggest
something else.
thanks heaps