[Gmsh] [Fwd: gmsh-bug in WIN98/NT?]

Andre Haufe haufe at schnurzel.net
Tue Mar 27 17:46:39 CEST 2001

Dear Christophe,

> OK. I guess this must be specific to the Windows version (again...)
> since I never observed the phenomenon with Unix versions. We'll have to
> investigate that one: could you send the data file and the list of
> operations you perform which lead to the crash?
Yes, but it might take a week or so since I just started to 
write a paper for a conference in Germany (deadline passed 
> BTW, are fonts displayed? (e.g. do you see the values on the scales of
> post-processing views, or the X, Y and Z labels of the small axes?)
Yes, I see the x,z and z on the coordinat axes. I also see all the
numbering (nodes, lines, planes etc.) if I use the .geo (parsed) file
format. There is just nothing displayed if I merge a gmsh-formated-file
($NOD ...stuff ...$ENDNOD and so on.)
> There are no limitations, except the loading time (reading the file on
> the hard drive) for large data sets. I usually use the parsed
> post-processing format for data sets up to 50000 triangles. For bigger
> data sets, or when there are a lot of time steps, I switch to the binary
> format.
Thank you so much! I started to implement an interface CARAT->gmsh into
our software. I will let you know a.s.a.p. about the behaviour of the
windows (98,NT) version. I will also set up a linux-system (suse7.1)
in a couple of weeks. So I might give some more input there (if you 
are not developing on that system?).

Best regards,


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