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Christophe Geuzaine Christophe.Geuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Sun Apr 22 20:19:30 CEST 2001

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Subject: Re: gmsh
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 15:59:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Jean-Francois Remacle <remacle at scorec.rpi.edu>"
<remacle at scorec.rpi.edu>
To: GLORIA PATRICIA CORREA LONDONO <gcorreal at cronos.eafit.edu.co>
CC: christophe geuzaine <christophe.geuzaine at ulg.ac.be>

> Respected SR.

Call me Jean-Francois,

> greetings,
> This e-mail is to ask you about the libreries that you used to create
> this program. For example, what kind of libreries did you use? why did
> you use these and not others?

Gmsh is a completely proprietary program that does not use other
than the ones you can get freely on any computer, PC with windows, PC
linux or unix workstation (perhaps macintosh...).

We use straight OpenGL for graphic primitives. OpenGL is intsalled by
default on most of the computer platforms, it is now THE graphical
standard. If you want more information about OpenGL, go to the official
web site of OpenGL which is http://www.opengl.org/

For the Graphical User Interface (GUI) i.e. bells and whisltles of the
program : buttons, dialog boxes, menus, bars..., we have switched not
ago from Motif (which is a pure unix X related toolkit) to fltk. Fltk
is a very nice and compact GUI that is available on any plateform,
even windows. The official web site is www.fltk.org, they provide the
source code, examples and makefiles for most plateforms, help yourself

For the rest, Gmsh is a C-C++ program. All algorithms for visualisation,
mesh generation, CAD are "ours" and may be available if your intention
to develop gmsh with us.

Thanks for being interrested in our stuff,


> I let you ask you a favor, could you send me this information to this
> e-mail, as soon as you could. I would aprreciate very much eny
> information that you can give me.
> Respectly yours,
> Gloria Patricia Correa.