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Thank you.  After I have learned how to use GMSH better I would be delighted
to contribute a user's guide.  Thanks again,


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"Steffens-Jr, Alfred P" wrote:
> Christophe,
> Thanks again for your much-needed help.  I tried your suggestion about
> multiple loops, and it works.  But I am excited about the possibility of
> defining surfaces interactively.  This would certainly save a lot of work.
> The tutorial is somewhat cryptic about interactive mode.  I figured out
> to add points interactively, but clicking the "lines" or "surfaces"
> on the interactive GUI produces no effect.  Could you describe an example
> defining a surface interactively?  Thanks.

You need to follow the instructions that appear in the status bar (just
below the graphics). For example, when you select
Geometry->Elementary->Add->New->Line, you are asked to select a point.
You press 'e' when you're done (in this case after selecting 2 points),
or 'q' to abort the selection. That's it!

PS : We should really make some kind of 'user's guide'... If you like
Gmsh and have good teaching skills, you may perhaps contribute a small
one? :-)

My best,


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