[Gmsh] Notation Differences Between gmsh and getdp

Alan Bromborsky brombo at arl.army.mil
Tue Sep 4 15:02:04 CEST 2001

It it advantageous to be able to keep the dimensions associated with a
particular problem geometry in gmsh and getdp in a single file in which
critical system dimensions can be calculated from a few parameters
(usually lengths associated with components such as permanent magnets,
cores, coils, etc.).  The problem is that the notation for built in
fuctions is not the same in gmsh and getdp.  For example in gmsh we have
Sqrt(x) and in getdp Sqrt[x] so that the same include file cannot be
used in both programs.  Note that used for such include files in getdp
are to define the inner and outer radii of a terminating boundry shell
or to calculate coil areas required for the calculation of inductance
and other associated postoperation outputs.  Is there away around this
inconsistentcy or do I have to write a preprocessor that will remove all
function references (evaluate the functions) from my include file(s)?