[Gmsh] hexahedra

Christophe Geuzaine Christophe.Geuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Thu Nov 22 09:38:13 CET 2001

kasper van Wijk wrote:
> LS,
> After drawing a geometry, I would like to save the mesh in
> terms of hexahedra. Where is that option? I've looked all
> over for this information, unsuccessfully...

You first have to generate a mesh... And Gmsh is mostly a Delaunay mesh
generator, i.e. generating tetrahedra. If you want hexahedra, you will
have to define transfinite meshes and/or extruded meshes (cf.
tutorial/t6.geo and demos/piece-extr-rec.geo).

Please read and understand the examples in the tutorials before posting
to this list.


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