[Gmsh] Gmsh: problems with flat tetrahedra

Thomas Huld thomas.huld at jrc.it
Thu Dec 6 12:10:53 CET 2001


I've been trying to use gmsh to construct 3D tetrahedral grids for our
CFD work. I have run into considerable problems due to the creation of
very flat tetrahedra when producing grids for complex geometries. Most
of the 
flat tetrahedra are rather envelope-shaped. If you are interested, I
can send a .geo file which will produce this effect.

This mucks up my calculations due to instabilities.

I'm aware that the 3D grid generator is still experimental, but 
nevertheless I would like to ask if there exists a sort of 
workaround for this. Or is it foreseen that the problem will
be tackled in the near future?

Otherwise I must say that the software looks very nice. I actually 
used it for a number of grids, but most of them have proven to be not
really that useful due to this problem :-(.

TIA for any answer


Thomas Huld
Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
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I-21023 Ispra
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e-mail: Thomas.Huld at jrc.it