[Gmsh] logarithmic scale and vector arrows

milan.hokr at email.cz milan.hokr at email.cz
Mon Jan 15 17:21:22 CET 2007

I dod not succeed to postprocess vector arrows ("VP" in POS file) with logarithmic scale.
The linear scale is OK, both the length and color of the arrow correspond to the value. But if I switch to the logarithmic, all the arrows disappear (even if I set a reasonabel range from 1 to 1000 istead of starting from 1e-8).
I tried to make many changes in the "aspect" tab. Using larger "arrow size" does not help. Switching off the "proportional" work ok, I see many arrows but I do not see the few arrows with higher values. Only working is "vector display=displacement" and "Point display=sphere", I see both the large and small values in full color range.
The "vector display=lines" work partially with "proportional" but only very few liner are displayed.

Does GMSH support this combination of choices (arrows proportional to logarithm of value of vector length, in both color and length). I visualize a velocity field in fractured rock with large values in fractures and 1-3 orders of magnitude smaller values in the compact rock.

Thank you for help

Milan Hokr
milan.hokr at vslib.cz