[Gmsh] Small question on triangle, tetgen, netgen and others

Durufle marc marc_durufle at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 17 12:23:25 CET 2007

I read your subject on using triangle and tetgen with
gmsh. I am really interested with that. But there is
no explanation on the documentation how I can do that.
I hear often that in 3-D, we can use the netgen, but I
don't know how.

For netgen, it is an option like ?? :
Mesh.Algorithm = 1;

For triangle and tetgen, I have to compile these two
codes, specify that I want to use them for gmsh. I
have to configure gmsh like that ? :
configure --enable-triangle --enable-tetgen 

And when it is enable, how do I specify on geo files
that I want to use the; ? by changing the type of
algorithm ? By example :
Mesh.Algorithm = 66;

Perhaps my questions are stupid. I hope not.

Best regards.


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