[Gmsh] 3D save

Kubicek Bernhard Bernhard.Kubicek at arsenal.ac.at
Mon Feb 12 10:03:33 CET 2007

Maybe your sphere did not mesh in 3d, but only in 2d, and you probably did not notice because you only saw the meshed surface. Check using menu->statistics to see how many/wether tetrahedra exist. Also, under options->mesh, there is an important difference between surface/volume mesh visibilities.
Gmsh usualy safes meshes in the very straightforward gmsh1 or gmsh2 format (depending on the version), which is (usually) plain text and hence really easy to read from a matlab script, written by e.g. yourself as you probably know best what you finally want to do with it. 
Actually, a collegue of mine stopped using Femlab, the moment he saw a speed comparison with GetDP showing a speedup of factor approx 10-30. Not to forget about quite insane price of Femlab.

nice greetings,
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Hi Guys

I am trying to create a 3D mesh of a sphere. it looks good in GMSH but when I save it in MSH format, it just saves the surface of the mesh and the p3d format (which seems to be the only 3D format GMSH supports) is not working. 

How can I save the 3D mesh with all the nodes and elements so I could open it again later in MATLAB ? 

cheers. Ehsan