[Gmsh] 3D save

Yann COLLETTE ycollet at freesurf.fr
Wed Feb 14 08:12:33 CET 2007


Have you defined a physical volume ?
I had the same problem as you: no 3d mesh in the saved file. The problem 
was due to a missing physical volume.


Ehsan Vaghefi a écrit :
> Hi there
> Thanks for all the information , but the problem is still there.
> My mesh is 3D when I generate it. but I found something funny, even 
> when I save it , it saves as a *.msh file, and when I open it again in 
> GMSH itself, the mesh contains only the surface of the 3D mesh, so the 
> problem is not in importing the mesh in MATLAB. the problem is GMSH 
> actually saves a 3D mesh as a surface mesh. any ideas ?
> I couldn't find GMSH 2 windows version online, can you send me the link ?
> Cheers . Ehsan
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