[Gmsh] 2D plot question

Amit.Itagi at seagate.com Amit.Itagi at seagate.com
Thu Mar 1 21:46:54 CET 2007


I am solving a 2D scalar field problem in getdp. My .pos file has a 2D
scalar field. When I use the new gmsh version to plot the field, I get a
very grainy plot (even with a continuous map option and 100 intervals).
When I zoom in on the grains, they look hexagonal (more like a 2D
projection of a polyhedron).  In the "plot type" option, 3D is selected. I
am unable to select the "2D space" option (It is not-highlighted).  I used
to plot such fields routinely with the old version. Hence I am a bit
bewildered. But I have a feeling I am just being a bit stupid. Kindly help.