[Gmsh] GMSH2.0.4 and UNV export capability

Deloison, Dominique dominique.deloison at eads.net
Fri Mar 9 11:25:11 CET 2007


I wonder whether GMSH can really export UNV meshes which are really
compatible with I-DEAS. With the test I made,  (see joint file), I-DEAS
was unable to read the UNV file. When I had a look at the file, I found
a strange way to describe enumbers (ED exponent). When I replaced the ED
by E-, I-DEAS was then able to read the file.

Any comment? 

PS: unv file has been created with: gmsh test8.geo -3 -o test8.unv
-format unv

Dominique. <<test8.geo>> 
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