[Gmsh] post-processing

billy at dem.uminho.pt billy at dem.uminho.pt
Fri Mar 30 20:06:48 CEST 2007


Acording to the manual, VT is a vector field. 9 entries for coordinates of each 
vertex and then 9 entries, 3x3, xyz for each vertex. 


Dear gmsh group: 

Can someone tell me how to post-processing the following in gmsh? 

(H * nabla) H 

where H is magnetic flux field induced by a permanent magnet.  This was 
calculated using GetDP. 

Also, what is the format of .pos?  for example, 

View "h" { 

The first seems to be the coordinates of the 3 vertices of a triangluar element 
(this is a 2D case),  what about the second, inside { }?  I will assume these 
are the H values (a 2D vector) at the corresponding vertices, but, when I used 
the "probe" function in plugin, I got a very different value (in this case, I 
got some thing like 2.72e5 at the first vertex).  So, I am confuse. 

Thanks in advance for your reply!