[Gmsh] Bug-Report

Siemers, Michael michael.siemers at ist.fraunhofer.de
Sun Apr 1 12:55:32 CEST 2007

Hello dear Sir,


I found a bug in Gmsh.


The "include"-command seems to be executed at last in a script whether
it should be executed at the beginning:


=skript snippet=========================================================


Include "duesengeometrie_d1.4mm.geo";


General.GraphicsWidth  = 320;

General.GraphicsHeight = 400;


For Num In {0:1}

  View[0].TimeStep = Num;


  Print Sprintf("%02g.png", Num);






Something else:


Using the apply button to apply changes in the processor versions of
Gmsh works fine for me. The current "instant" apply seems a little bit
cheesy because 

it forces someone to click on the GUI for the changes to take effect.


Otherwise many thanks for this excellent piece of software. I am using
it a lot in my PhD work (implementation of a parallelized plasma
simulation environment).



Best regards



Michael Siemers



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