[Gmsh] Two modification patches to gmsh-2.0.7

Christophe Geuzaine cgeuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Sun May 20 22:47:04 CEST 2007

Hi Takukya - Thanks for the patches. I've applied "StepButtons.patch" as
is, and I've applied a slightly modified version of "StreamLines.patch" 
(there's a new "TimeStep" variable in the plugin, which must be set to 
"-1" for the multi-step magic to be performed).

Let me know if it works...



OSHIMA Takuya wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm attaching two small patches to gmsh-2.0.7 in the hope that someone
> might find them useful.
> StreamLines.patch: is a very simple hack to the Stream Lines plugin
> that draws stream lines over an unsteady multistep view. If the
> traveling time of particles (DT * iter) exceeds the final time in the
> view, the final step field will be used until the end.
> StepButtons.patch: adds "step backward" and "step forward" buttons at
> the bottom of the graphics window. They do what they are supposed to
> do for postprocessing views, except if the "Cycle through views
> instead of time steps" option is set they cycle through views.
> Cheers,
> Takukya
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