[Gmsh] Voluyme mesh HELP!!!!!

Kubicek Bernhard Bernhard.Kubicek at arsenal.ac.at
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-) Are you able to select the desired volumes under "visiblities"? If not, they are not defined yet.
-) Did you create physical volumes for the things you want to mesh?
-) Is there an error message while meshing?
-) Have you maybe turned off the display of 3d mesh elements?
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Please help me on the issue below.

Bhargav Patel

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[Gmsh] Voluyme mesh HELP!!!!!

I am not able to create Volume elements in my geometry. Even if i click 3D 
that does not work.  Please help me on how to create Volume mesh. It 
happens to be there in the tutorial objects but it does not happen the 
same in my geometry which is a simple cylinder. 

Bhargav Patel

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