[Gmsh] OCC compilation (missing makefiles etc)

gus.wolfgramm at xtra.co.nz gus.wolfgramm at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jul 11 09:14:40 CEST 2007


I'm unable to build OCC6.2 from sources using MinGW(5.0.2)/MSys(1.0.10) as the Linux installation doesn't contain a configure script in the ros directory nor admin/make subdirectory (and any others which I may not be aware of). I am using Windows XP Home and selected a complete install using "java -verbose -jar setup.jar" as install.csh didn't work for some reason. Therefore, would it be possible for someone to send me a list of the files I need to build from sources so I can check this against my current installation. Equally as good would be any ideas as to why my install is incomplete and any possible remedial action.  I have posted a similar request on the OCC forums and have sought help from their technical department which I am still waiting on. 

Cheers for any help out there!


p.s for anyone who may even go to the lengths of packaging these files as attachments for me (wishful thinking I know :)), please note that I have about 80MB of storage left with my ISP (surely enough)with ~ 15 MB limit/attachment allowed. Thanks again.