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idesbald van den bosch a écrit :
> Hello dear GMSH users,
> I am a GMSH user since quite a while now, and I have a question 
> concerning the 2.0.x series. It seems that v2.0.X is much more 
> RAM-memory efficient than its v1.65 counterpart. Unfortunately it is 
> also much slower (~3 times from my limited experience).
The 2D mesh generator is slower, but I think it is more robust and 
enables to mesh general curved surfaces (NURBS ...).
In the daily release, I have put back a classical isotropic delaunay 
that is much faster even than the v1.65 triangulator. Yet,
it only works for planar surfaces for now, and for meshing the sphere 
(look at the attachement). When I'll find some time, I'll
generalize this algo for general curved surfaces.

Normally, the 3D algorithms are much faster and more robust that the 
ones of previous releases.
> 1) does anyone have the same observation?
> 2) is the slowness a necessary trade-off for memory efficiency?
No, it's just the algorithm.

> Thanks
> Ides van den Bosch
> Bilkent Computational Electromagnetics Lab
> Bilkent, Ankara
> Turkey
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