[Gmsh] Surface remeshing

Luca Antiga luca.antiga at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 12:44:37 CEST 2007

  I'm rather new to Gmsh, although I'd like to use it more regularly  
in the future.
I have the need of remeshing triangulated surfaces (and then mesh  
their volume, but this second phase is fine). In previous versions I  
would load it in STL format and remesh it with the appropriate  
command, but I noticed can't do it with the current release.
If I got it right by reading around on the mailing list, this  
functionality is being reworked now, and will be available in future  
versions as a more general remeshing capability. Is this correct?
If yes, do you have an estimate on the timeframe (no pressure  
intended :-), just to have a rough idea )?
Thanks a lot for sharing such great code


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