[Gmsh] Centered arrows

Bas Michielsen Bastiaan.Michielsen at onera.fr
Fri Aug 3 15:59:38 CEST 2007


Thank you for working on Gmsh, I am very happy with this tool. 

I have a remark on the visualisation of vector fields, though.
The postprocessor shows arrows with the stem starting from the 
vertex (the point in which the vector field is evaluated). In my
applications this sometimes gives a false impression of dissymmetry. 

I therefore would prefer to have arrows centered on the vertices 
and slipped in the following lines 
  x -= 0.5*dx;
  y -= 0.5*dy;
  z -= 0.5*dz;
at the start of Draw_SimpleVector and Draw_3DArrow in Graphics/Entity.cpp.  

Would it be an idea to make this arrow centering a View option ?

Best regards, 


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