[Gmsh] using gmsh!!

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Fri Sep 14 11:12:00 CEST 2007

Perez Kawumi a écrit :
> Hi this is the 1st time im using gmsh. Im having problems figuring out 
> how it works amd where it saves the stored information. I have used 
> the online tutorial and can'tfigure out where to find my work. I can 
> see all the meshing and everything else. Where does it save the work.

if you type

gmsh foo.geo

and you create points, lines surfaces and volumes interactively, gmsh 
stores everything in foo.geo

if you generate a mesh , then save it, the results are stored in foo.msh

the mesh file format is explained in the gmsh user's manual that is on 
the website.


> Can someone pls give me step    by  step instructions on how to save 
> my work.
> Thanks
> Perez Kawumi 
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