[Gmsh] internal boundaries in gmsh

=?windows-1252?Q?Jean-Fran=8D=E7ois_Remacle?= jean-francois.remacle at uclouvain.be
Mon Oct 1 13:01:17 CEST 2007

Marc Duflot a écrit :
> Jean-François Remacle wrote:
>>> Gergina V Pencheva wrote:
>>>> I am trying to generate a simple 2d domain with an internal 
>>>> boundary (a square with a crack in it). I tried different things 
>>>> but nothing seemed
>>>> to work. Is it possible at all to do this in GMSH?
>> Indeed it IS possible to do that,
> [...]
>> Line{5} In Surface {7};
>> The line 5 will be embedded in surface 7 i.e. the 2D mesh generation 
>> process will
>> ensure that the line segments are present in the 2D mesh and will be 
>> classified
>> (tagged) on line 5.
> Jean-François,
> Does it work in 3D?
No, not yet.

If someone is really interrested, we could do it.

I was first waiting that someone uses the 2D version of that stuff.