[Gmsh] meshing problem of gmsh-2.0.8

Christophe Geuzaine cgeuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Fri Nov 9 08:22:27 CET 2007

Meiqiu Wang wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I have two gmsh on my linux machine, one is compiled from the source 
> code, the other is the pre-compiled binary for linux. I played both gmsh 
> on the guish tutorial "how to create a simple 2D model 
> <http://www.geuz.org/gmsh/doc/gui_tutorial/>", all of them have 
> encountered the same problem in the step of meshing 
> "http://www.geuz.org/gmsh/doc/gui_tutorial/mesh2.html". Instead to 
> generate a coarse mesh, the gmsh starts to eats my memory and never get 
> out, until I have to reboot my machine. Did you receive any such report 
> by other users or aware of this kind of problem? Or can I try gmsh with 

Not that I know of...

> lower version which maybe more stable?

cf. http://geuz.org/gmsh/bin

> I am looking forward to your help!
> best regards,
> Meiqiu
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