[Gmsh] gmsh: bug report

daniela.wulf at arcor.de daniela.wulf at arcor.de
Fri Nov 9 10:53:30 CET 2007

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I think there is a problem combining tetrahedrons and triangles:  I wanted to discretize a kind of "window". The  pane has to be discretized by tetrahedrons. The frame is made up by a thin sheet. Therefore, I said the small side surfaces to be Physical Surfaces.  The Volume (the pane) is defined physical as well. The mesh generated by gmsh contains triangles that are not connected. In this case even a triangle that is completely free occurs. Meshing only the frame (by not saying the volume to be physical) yield a nice and connected mesh. I have already tried to use both 3d-algorithms.

I have attached the geo-file to this email.

Also some days ago, I had to change the 3d mesh algorithm to receive a connected mesh for a similar object. (The frame was modeled as volume instead of a sheet.) Here, the triangles were not connected to the tetrahedron. But they were connected using the other 3d-algorithm.

Kind regards,

Daniela Wulf