[Gmsh] gmsh: bug report

David Colignon David.Colignon at ulg.ac.be
Mon Nov 12 09:55:36 CET 2007


the attached .geo file works very well. Can you send us a .geo files which doesn't work ?

Also, the definition of Physical entities has no impact on the meshing, it is just a way to tag meshed entities in the
.msh file and to decide which entities are saved in the .msh file.



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daniela.wulf at arcor.de wrote:
> Oh! I'm sorry!
> But now it is attached!
> Daniela
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> Betreff: Re: [Gmsh] gmsh: bug report
>> daniela.wulf at arcor.de wrote:
>>> Dear ladies and gentlemen,
>>> I think there is a problem combining tetrahedrons and triangles:  I wanted
>> to discretize a kind of "window". The  pane has to be discretized by
>> tetrahedrons. The frame is made up by a thin sheet. Therefore, I said the
>> small side surfaces to be Physical Surfaces.  The Volume (the pane) is
>> defined physical as well. The mesh generated by gmsh contains triangles that
>> are not connected. In this case even a triangle that is completely free
>> occurs. Meshing only the frame (by not saying the volume to be physical)
>> yield a nice and connected mesh. I have already tried to use both
>> 3d-algorithms.
>>> I have attached the geo-file to this email.
>> Are you sure ?
>> Dave
>>> Also some days ago, I had to change the 3d mesh algorithm to receive a
>> connected mesh for a similar object. (The frame was modeled as volume
>> instead of a sheet.) Here, the triangles were not connected to the
>> tetrahedron. But they were connected using the other 3d-algorithm.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Daniela Wulf
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