[Gmsh] characteristic length; algorithms

Constanze Bausch c.bausch at etamax.de
Fri Nov 23 11:56:28 CET 2007



thanks for your reply. When I change the characteristic length factor
for example to 0.5, I do understand, that the mesh size is going to be a
half smaller. 

But how comes off the first mesh size, which is used? How is
characteristic length defined?  


I'm doing some evaluation and describing of mesh generation tools for my
diploma thesis. Therefore I also describe meshing algorithms that are

In your tool "Delaunay" for surface meshing is still experimental, as
you say. I would like to know, which algorithm is meant by "MeshAdapt".
Maybe you can recommend an article about it?

And I noticed that every new mesh has a different structure, even though
the same parameters are used. Is the reason based on an algorithm, which
creates new points by coincidence?


Thank you very much for your effort!




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