[Gmsh] The GUI suggestions + new bug

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Tue Dec 4 11:40:05 CET 2007

Bernhard Kubicek a écrit :
> I think he means reading and writing of vtk files (postprocessing). I
> wrote a converter of gmsh-pos format to vtk myself, which however I am
> not allowed to share without money.
> The legacy vtk file format is fairly easy:
> http://www.vtk.org/pdf/file-formats.pdf
> It could be implemented that reading a vtk file loads a mesh, an
> multiple post-processing views.
> Also, it would be nice to being able to load some gmsh-pos files, and
> then save them alltogether in a single vtk file.

Note that we have added the ability for gmsh to render post processing 
result based on a mesh.
Files will be much smaller, of course.
We have not (yet) done any documentation but all that is in the code. At 
this point, we
have not 'yet) decided which input/output format we will choose. Vtk is 
a candidate.
> Alternatively, I think it would be very cool to use vtk as renderer for
> gmsh. But that would be a big change.
We have chosen NOT to do that several years ago. The reason is pretty 
simple : without any
third party software, gmsh's executable size is about 2 MB. When adding 
vtk, it grows to
15 MB. We think this is not acceptable.
> very nice greetings,
>  Bernhard
> On Tue, 2007-12-04 at 11:04 +0100, Jean-Fran?c,ois Remacle wrote:
>> Dmitry K. Firsov a e'crit :
>>> Hi Gmsh developers,
>>> Our group is using Gmsh for several years. That is excellent tool. The 
>>> problem is that the GUI can be better. Is any way to switch the GUI 
>>> from interface from multi window to the single window multi panel? 
>>> That is much more convenient. Say to have similar to Paraview 
>>> interface. I didn't use the FLTK very long time. Today I I am using 
>>> the wx+Code::Blocks. My experience shows that in wx and QT it is not 
>>> too hard to switch between multi window to multi panel.
>> I think we coud do that easily.
>>> Would be grate also to have vtk filters.
>> What do you mean by that ?
>>> I've attached the geo file that doesn't work in the newest nightly 
>>> version. Hope that the file will be helpful in the debugging.
>> Change
>> Ruled Surface(76) = {25,75};
>> to
>> Plane Surface(76) = {25,75};
>> in your input file. In gmsh's CAD model, non planar surfaces cannot be 
>> trimmed.
>> JFR
>>> Best, Dr. Dmitry K Firsov
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