[Gmsh] Gmsh and postprocessing

boolegue boolegue at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 00:41:42 CET 2007

CGNS has a bad support in free visualization software, I only know  
about visit using it, but it has an outdated version of the library  
and the implementation is far from being complete (I had to modify the  
reader plugin to be able to read cgns time dependent data). This file  
format doesn't seem to be maintained anymore in visit.
I've been using cgns for the past year, but I am now in the process of  
moving to the powerful vtk "world".

BTW, why are you guys willing to do post processing with gmsh, since  
there are already good dedicated free softwares for this purpose  
(visit,paraview,mayavi) ?


On 11-Dec-07, at 10:43 AM, Stephen Guzik wrote:

> I would second that CGNS would be a useful file format and about a  
> year
> ago, I started writing some code to let Gmsh read/write CGNS files.   
> For
> various reasons, I never did finish it.  There is some code in the  
> Gmsh
> repository to support CGNS and I might have some extra on my local
> machine.  I still intend to complete the work but find myself somewhat
> unreliable right now.  However, if someone else would like to further
> this effort, I would be more than happy to give a quick walk-through  
> of
> the code that is in place.
> Stephen
> Martin Vymazal wrote:
>> ...
>> Concerning other file formats - have you heard of CGNS ? The cgns  
>> project
>> originated as a joint effort of several major industrial companies,
>> including e.g. Boeing. Its goal was to create a general file format  
>> that
>> could be used by everyone. Cgns is oriented towards CFD problems,  
>> but I
>> think it might be suitable for your purposes also. It is a library of
>> routines written in C (and in Fortran, alternatively), that store  
>> mesh
>> and simulation output in binary files. You can also define boundary
>> conditions, your own datastructures etc. CGNS is free and very well
>> documented. If you're interested, visit www.cgns.org.
>> I guess this sounds a bit like an advertisement, but cgns may be an
>> interesting alternative. It is also supported by third-party software
>> producers as for example Tecplot.
>>                                   Martin
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