[Gmsh] Making structured meshes

SJ Lai sl4826 at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Dec 14 02:11:35 CET 2007

Hi Christophe,

I'm currently experimenting with gmsh trying to create a mesh around a 
2D trailing edge corrugated aerofoil profile. Attached is a simple one 
that I had attempted, and I was wondering if there was a way to create a 
structured mesh with more than 4 points. (Say if Line (3) was taken out, 
would it still be possible to make a structured mesh?) I've tried a few 
times using different ways, but have yet to succeed.

Also, using separate method also gives me discontinuities at the block 
boundaries which is unfavorable. Anyway to overcome that as well?

As the corrugations that I will be using are sharp, that'll mean i'll 
have to make 20 blocks on each surface to get a structured profile.

Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas.