[Gmsh] A question about how to create a lot of different meshes

WAKAI Atsushi wakai at eri.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Mon Feb 18 11:50:17 CET 2008

Dear Gmesh developer,

At present, I want to create a lot of 3D meshes for the same geometry.
These meshes have the different nodal distribution. The nodal distribution
have to be homogeneous for all meshes.

I would like to ask you if it's possible to realize the above mentioned with
the following way...

1. Set 3D nodal coordinates with random number  (I can do it)
2. By using Gmesh, read these data and create 3D mesh
3. Export  mesh data in ".msh" format

Sincerely Yours,


E-mail:wakai at eri.u-tokyo.ac.jp