[Gmsh] Accuracy of the Mesh-3D command

Michael Schantin michael at schantin.net
Wed Mar 12 11:35:46 CET 2008

Hello fellow Gmsh-users,

I am quite new to Gmsh and have a question regarding the file formats.
Actually I am using a STL-file of which I want to generate a
tetrahedrization of the mesh. This also works for me when I use a
GEO-file with the command to load the STL-file (Merge

I have one problem though: I want to control the "accuracy" of the
tetraedization. This can be done in the GEO-file by specifing a forth
parameter with the points. But since this is not possible in the STL
files, my question is: How can I control this anyway?

Best regards.

Michael Schantin