[Gmsh] Bug reported by Gmsh 2.1.1

Alexander MacLennan alex.maclennan at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 10:50:28 CET 2008


I managed to break gmsh when converting an IGES file to an STL file

I have attached the IGS file that caused the error

Here is the cmdline and output

krom:~/iges> /home/maclenna/bin/gmsh -3 -o 57244015-frame-4.stl -format stl
-algo tetgen -clscale 0.15 -constrain 57244015-frame-4.igs
Info    : Increasing process stack size (8192 kB < 16 MB)
Info    : '/home/maclenna/bin/gmsh -3 -o 57244015-frame-4.stl -format stl
-algo tetgen -clscale 0.15 -constrain 57244015-frame-4.igs ' started on Sat
Mar 29 18:47:08 2008
Info    : Reading '57244015-frame-4.igs'
Total number of loaded entities : 11.
Info    : Healing geometry (tolerance=1e-06)
Info    : - fixing small edges
Info    : - fixing spot and strip faces
Fatal   : Segmentation violation (invalid memory reference)
        : ------------------------------------------------------
        : You have discovered a bug in Gmsh! You may report it
        : by e-mail (together with any helpful data permitting to
        : reproduce it) to <gmsh at geuz.org>
Abort (core dumped)

I'll try and get the actual core file


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