[Gmsh] no tets in mesh saved as STL

Ernest Johnson ejohnson.lpool at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 17:01:33 CEST 2008


I have generated a 3D mesh with Gmsh. If I check the saved 'test.msh' file, I find these element types:

1 (2-node line) 
2 (3-node triangle) 
4 (4-node tetrahedron)Next I saved the mesh (File->Save As) in STL format. In the 'test.stl' file I only find several blocks like

facet normal 0 -0.780942 -0.624604
  outer loop
    vertex -4.06184 1.96854 12.1372
    vertex -4.43697 2.07828 12
    vertex -4.07973 2.07828 12

There are no other elements except for facets. Why don't I find any tets in the stl file?

In the Mesh module of Gmsh I have chosen '3D' to generate the mesh. I have also tried 'STL' with no better success. What is the difference?

If I cannot save the tetrahedral elements in the STL format, is there another format that I can select, which
1) saves the complete 3D mesh and which
2) can be opened in paraview or converted into the '*.vtk' format?

Thank you
Ernest J.

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