[Gmsh] gmsh gives a GSL error when generating mesh

Artur Palha artur.palha at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 15:47:41 CEST 2008

Dear all

I am trying to compile version 2.2.2 of gmsh on my ubuntu machine (the
respositories version is older).

gmsh compiles ok. The problem comes when I try to generate a mesh,
then it show the message console with the following error, continuosly

GSL: second index out of range (matrix_source.c, line 35)

I donwloaded the last version of gsl, compiled it and made a prefix
for configure to use this latest version but the problems persists...

Can you give me a help on what might be causing the problem?

Another question: is gmsh able to generate quad elements?

Yet another question: I generated a mesh with a previous version of
gmsh and I got elements of type 27 and 23 (I was using 4th order on
the boundaries) can anyone explain me what this is, since on the
manual element type goes only until 19.

Thanking in advance

Best regards

-artur palha