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Danny Lathouwers - TNW D.Lathouwers at tudelft.nl
Thu Jul 10 11:23:57 CEST 2008

Dear gmsh-ers,
Two beginner questions:
1. I am wondering about the order in which various sections appear in
the output file. The documentation seems to imply that PhysicalNames
follows the Elements section, however this is the other way round when
looking at output files. Is the order then always: MeshFormat, Nodes,
PhysicalNames, Elements, etc. or is it free (which makes reading the
file a bit more hassle).
2. I experimented a bit with generating multiple physical tags and saw
that in this case multiple entries of the specific elements are
generated in the output file (not what I would like). I was also a bit
puzzled by the order in which these duplicates (with different tag)
appear. In the case of 2 tags, the entries were listed reversed wrt
their definition in the geo file. If the range of tags that you use is
similar then there is no way to distinguish between different physical
properties (e.g. tag1 = material type, tag2=source strength, etc.). I
guess I need to use a specific range of tags to identify what they mean.
What puzzles me is why the file format allows for 'number-of-tags' if
this can not be influenced? Is there perhaps another way to force
multiple tags on a single output line?
Many thanks,
Danny Lathouwers
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