[Gmsh] Problem with make

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Thu Jul 10 21:55:45 CEST 2008


./configure was successful. Now I´ve tried make, but it gives another error.

These are the first lines of output:
C:\Programme\Dev-Cpp\bin\make.exe[1]: Entering directory `C:/Programme/FEM_GMSH/gmshtest1/Common'
g++ -I/c/Programme/FEM_GMSH/fltk-1.1.9/FL -DHAVE_GSL -DHAVE_MATH_EVAL -DHAVE_NETGEN -DHAVE_ANN -DHAVE_NO_SOCKLEN_T -DHAVE_NATIVE_FILE_CHOOSER -DHAVE_FLTK  -I/c/Programme/FEM_GMSH/fltk-1.1.9 -I/c/Programme/FEM_GMSH/fltk-1.1.9 @CXXFLAGS@ @LARGEFILE@ @PTHREAD_FLAGS@ -I/c/Programme/FEM_GMSH/gsl-1.11 -I/c/Programme/FEM_GMSH/gsl-1.11/include -DHAVE_NO_DLL -I../Common -I../DataStr -I../Geo -I../Mesh -I../Post -I../Graphics -I../Numeric -I../Parser -I../Plugin -I../Fltk -I../contrib/MathEval -I../contrib/ANN/include  -c Options.cpp
In file included from Options.cpp:23:
GmshUI.h:24:21: FL/Fl.H: No such file or directory

I don´t understand why it does not find FL/Fl.H. The path is set with -I/c/Programme/FEM_GMSH/fltk-1.1.9. What´s wrong?

Windows XP SP2
Gmsh 2.2.2


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