[Gmsh] gmsh crashes when importing an IGES file

Mark van Doesburg mark.van.doesburg at technolution.nl
Thu Oct 9 16:36:40 CEST 2008


I am trying to import a simple IGES file into GMSH. Unfortunately GMSH
crashes when reading the attached file, the file only contains a cylinder
and was created with BRL-CAD.

The program segfaults just after the message "- fixing spot and strip
faces" should be displayed. Using the debugger I've been able to see
that entity = 0xfefdfefdfefd0000 which means it was uninitialized,
I am not sure where to look next.


Mark van Doesburg
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This IGES file created by g-iges from the database cyl.g.               S0000001
,,5Hcyl.g,8Hcyl.iges,6H7.12.6,11HOct  9 2008,32,38,6,308,15,5Hcyl.g,    G0000001
1.0,2,2HMM,,1.0,15H20081009.132801,1e-08,100000.0,7HUnknown,7HUnknown,  G0000002
9,0,15H20081009.132728;                                                 G0000003
     322       1                                               000010201D0000001
     322                       4       0                 Att Def       1D0000002
     406       5                                               001010301D0000003
     406                       1      15                Property       1D0000004
     154       6                                               000010001D0000005
     154                       1       0                RC Cylin       1D0000006
322,141HBRL-CAD attribute definition:material name,material para       1P0000001
meters,region flag,ident number,air code,material code (GIFT),lo       1P0000002
s density,inheritance,5001,9,1,3,1,2,3,1,3,6,1,4,1,1,5,1,1,6,1,        1P0000003
1,7,1,1,8,1,1,9,6,1;                                                   1P0000004
406,1,6Hcyl1.s;                                                        3P0000005
154,72.905,18.2263,-11.5467,-4.08207,-78.9471,0,0,1,0,1,3;             5P0000006
S0000001G0000003D0000006P0000006                                        T0000001