[Gmsh] Management of several meshes

Olivier Pierard olivier.pierard at cenaero.be
Wed Oct 15 11:50:43 CEST 2008

Dear all,

I'm currently making some develpements in Gmsh and facing some 
difficulties with multi-meshes management.

Basic idea was, as stated in the source file, to modify MergeFile 
function and create new GModel instead of merging the two meshes in 
But any call to Draw() function (and there are lots of them !) calls 
finally Draw_Mesh(), which uses GModel::current, so that only one mesh 
would be drawn at a time. 
So my question is do I just have to loop over all models in this 
function to draw all of them or is it much more complex (I haven't tried 
yet because I wanted to avoid any modification in the 'Graphics' 
library...) ?
Appearently, you are going to change the mesh files management.  When 
could we expect it and would it be done in the same way as explained above ?

On the other hand, since we are dealing with several models, it would be 
nice to be able to select/unselect them from the View panel (e.g. in 
Post-processing).  So, my question is:
- Is it possible to have create a view with only a mesh (format 1.0).  
 From what I noticed, in readMSH function, a PViewDataGModel* is 
created.  To add a view, do I just have to create a PView with these data ?

Thank you very much !


Olivier Pierard

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