[Gmsh] Hybrid mesh and combine triangles in quadrilaterals

Billy Araújo billy at dem.uminho.pt
Tue Oct 21 22:17:12 CEST 2008

You are right, it would be nice if Gmsh could create automatic hex-dominant meshes from CAD files... :)


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Assunto: [Gmsh] Hybrid mesh and combine triangles in quadrilaterals
I have two questions :

1- How do you create hybrid meshes in 2-D (quad-dominant with a few 
triangles) ?
 Until now, I am using the Recombine option, but often I get non-convex 
 In the picture attached to this message, you can see that two elements 
(in black) are non-convex
quads and that's a problem ... So, often I change the characterisc 
length in the hope that I will have only
fine quadrilaterals. Is it possible to require that all quadrilaterals 
are convex ?

2- In 3-D, when I try "Recombine Volume", it doesn't work. So, how is it 
possible with gmsh
to create 3-D hexahedral-dominant meshes (with some tets, pyramids and 
wedges) ?

Thank you for your help.

PS : I am using gmsh 2.24

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