[Gmsh] meshing multiple objects

Billy Araújo billy at dem.uminho.pt
Fri Nov 14 23:01:37 CET 2008

It looks like you are not importing a solid but two intersecting solids.


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Hi Gmsh Experts,


I would like to create a tetrahedral mesh from iges or step models. The
models contain parts which touch each other (result of Boolean operations).
However, when I read the model with gmsh the interface region where the
solids touch is meshed twice (once for the first object and once for the
second). Additionally, the tetrahedrons at the interface overlap
arbitrarily. Is there any way to read a CAD model and mesh it with gmsh such
that the surface of the interface region of the two solids is meshed only


Best regards




PS: The screenshot enclosed to this mail may show you the result I get when
I try to mesh two cylinders, where the first cylinder was trimmed by the
second one.


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