[Gmsh] Postprecessor: Probe values along a line

Billy Araújo billy at dem.uminho.pt
Thu Nov 20 19:55:32 CET 2008

In cut grid you have 2 parameters like u and v. You just set one of them to one and you have a line instead of a grid. I think this is how you can do it. Maybe you should also view the screencasts:


I think there is a way to specify a function instead of a straight line.


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I'm using gmsh as an postprocessor for my FEAP-Results. So the Data import works great. But I couldn't find the basic feature to probe values a long a specified line. For example you have an 3D problem an you want to export you results for X=0,Y=0 an Z from 0 ...10 in an specified increment. Is this already possible ?? How difficult it would be to program a small python script to solve this problem, as the interpolation of the Date is already implemented in the PROBE Plug-in.  






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