[Gmsh] Mesh partition number selection

Christophe Geuzaine cgeuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Wed Dec 17 22:15:40 CET 2008

Stephen Guzik wrote:
> Umut Tabak wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Is that possible to supply the mesh partition count as a command line 
>> argument with "-part"? When I use only -part option, it always 
>> partitions the mesh into 4.
>> Best regards,
>> Umut
> Not as far as I am aware.  But you can use "Mesh.NbPartitions = #; " in 
> your input file.  Would that work?

You could use the generic "-string" option (which allows to parse
anything from the command line):

   gmsh -string "Mesh.NbPartitions=16;"

...but it's indeed a bit clumsy. So I've changed the handling of the 
"-part" option: starting with tomorrow's nightly build "-part" will take 
one argument (the number of partitions), so you will be able to simply do

   gmsh -part 16

> Stephen
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